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    The last time somebody said, 'I find I can write much better with a word processor.', I replied, 'They used to say the same thing about drugs.'

    [Roy Blount Jr.

    2009/08/02 02:13 - Sunday » famous quotes and quotations of famous people

  • 2 » Drugs Quotes about

    I never took hallucinogenic drugs because I never wanted my consciousness expanded one unnecessary iota.

    [Fran Lebowitz
    US writer and humorist (1950 - )]

    2009/08/02 03:49 - Sunday » famous quotes and quotations of famous people

  • 3 » Drugs Quotes about

    I love drugs, but I hate hangovers, and the hatred of the hangover wins by a landslide every time.

    [Margaret Cho, weblog, 10-30-03 ]

    2009/08/02 05:02 - Sunday » famous quotes and quotations of famous people

  • 4 » Drugs Quotes about

    Junkies might be easy to knock down, but they're never fragile. They have souls like old leather shoes studded with steel, and they're about as much good as friends.

    [Scott Westerfeld, The Last Days, 2006 ]

    2009/08/02 05:58 - Sunday » famous quotes and quotations of famous people

  • 5 » Drugs Quotes about

    The truth is, marijuana probably isn't going to make you kill people. Most likely isn't going to fund terrorists, but pot makes you feel fine with being bored and it's when you're bored that you should be learning a new skill or some new science or being creative. If you smoke pot you may grow up to find out that you're not good at anything.

    [Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park, My Future Self n' Me, 2002 ]

    2009/08/02 06:00 - Sunday » famous quotes and quotations of famous people

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